Self development 

Self development literally means to unravel the unwanted layers of behavioural and mental patterns (the false self or the ego), so that your true or higher Self can come through. Therefore, you must be willing to explore and question what you 'think' is true.In this fascinating journey you will discover that you probably have identified with an image of yourself that is in no way who you truly are!

Deep Body Release Work

Using various techniques (deep tissue release, breath- and touch) we open up the blocked energy channels and help bring you back to a state of natural freedom & flow. Information from other sources than your rational mind will be revealed to you. Former experiences, like pain and sorrow can be released, and old patterns of mind and behavior are liberated. Deep bodywork is combined with techniques from familyconstellations, traumawork, tantra and inner child work - to understand the patterns at the root of what blocked you. In a world that consists of only energy, you will learn how to consciously increase your frequency, and to vibrate on less dense and more light levels. With an expanded awareness of yourself you can relax more into your body & your life and live your natural authentic qualities, in a harmonious flow with the universe.

Purifying the physical, mental and emotional body - detoxification on all levels

In addition to bodywork I found that bringing vitality and balance back in your life and body requires to let go of toxic thought- and emotional patterns, but also cleaning the terrain on a physical level - getting rid of waste in your guts and cells and building from there with the real nutrition your body is looking for. And that isn't necessarily always food.


From my experience with various techniques and methods I can provide a frame, and advice you in tune with who you are to take your next steps on the unique path that you walk to blossom.