Is your sexuality still sparkly alive to the same degree as at the start of  your relationship? Are intimacy, playfulness, sensuality and joy part of your daily deeper connection? Are you stunned, moved, stirred, thrilled, and excited when you are with each other, touch each other, make love and live with each other? Or is your intimate relationship just 'fine', but do you sense there must be more to experience?

In short: are you LOVERS in the deepest sense of the word?

After living together for years, busy with job and/or children, partners easily get depolarized from each other and settle quietly in as colleagues, who run the household on autopilot and organise the practicalities of their daily life. Besides that, partners mirror each other often in their unsolved issues with their own parents and play them out unconsciously  over and over again. Sometimes it feels like drifting apart from each other, not remembering what brought you together in the first place. Most of the people I know rest with that situation as a belief that this is an inevitable consequence of having a long term relationship. Sometimes the consequence is that one of the partners starts looking for excitement outside of the primary relationship or eventually there will be a break up.

It IS possible to restore (sexual) attraction, even in long term relationships. It is possible to bring your relationship to a deeper level of intimacy, to level your sex-life up to art- form!

I will tune into your dynamics and your desires and we will explore what is required to vitalize your connection. You will learn how to polarise your feminine and masculine poles into attraction, you will receive practical tantric tools to open up each other(s bodies), to bring in magic and playfulness and to become more free as an individual in a healthy mature relationship.

Send me an email with your questions and check out the information on my webpage 'Tantra'.

The cost for couple sessions is €120.- per hour incl. VAT.

From my experience, we need between 2 and 4 hours for a full experience. This is a fun and deep private couple mini-workshop!