Body orientated coaching

Probably you have a clear idea in your head about who you are. And still you may find yourself struggling to find fulfilment in one or more area's in your life.  Your well developed mind won't provide the solutions you are seeking, and you are looking for a key to live in a harmonious flow with your life. With body orientated coaching you will investigate the subconscious messages and programs that keep you walking in circles, that keep your life energy stuck and make you face frustration, powerlessness and despair.

Body orientated interventions connect you to the power of your natural life force energy. You will learn to let go of the mind and how to activate and tap into the precious information that is stored in your cells. You learn in other words how to live and speak from your heart, from your guts, from your balls - that connect you to your inner guidance and to a higher power. The mind than will be at service to your intuition and to your Self, instead of the other way around.

With different techniques you will be invited to feel, to let go, to reflect, to see, to heal, to realize and to free yourself! The consequence is that you will feel blissful in your own company and body, feel lighter and more connected with yourself and your surroundings. Check for mor information the page 'coaching'.

My experience shows that these sessions can evoke emotional reactions. I will provide a safe environment, were you can be vulnerable. Mostly some sessions will be sufficient to empower yourself and integrate what you learned in your own life.

The cost for a session is 120.- incl. VAT and lasts 75-90 minutes. After the 4th session the price goes down to 90.- per session.