Here is an interview about my 9-day darkness retreat / fasting & pranic living. Watch from 3.30 minutes. Recorded January 2020.

Here you can watch an interview about my journey talking different topics: tantra / polygamy versus monogamy / breatharianism or pranic living / fasting / plantmedicine. Recorded November 2019.

Here is an interview about menstrual complaints and the role of nutrition and body orientated therapy


My favourite colleague

I have always been looking for a bodyworker who touches my body exactly like I would touch it if I could give myself the deepest treatment ever.

This bodyworker exists! It is my dear friend Jeroen Cops. After his treatment I feel totally aligned and in bliss. Check out his website


Music to me is a portal to the divine. On Spotify I have created many playlists that I love to listen to.  Especially the ones called 'Ceremonial Space' and 'To my Beloved - Dida' are playlists that I like to share. Check out this link