Transformational mini - retreat with overnight stay, fasting & sauna

Situated in a beautiful spot in nature close to a lake I created a space for people that long for retreat, in silence, in simplicity, to recover from their busy life. You are welcome to stay in my garden shed, make use of the sauna, book from a variety of sessions and be supported in fasting. Please send me an email or give me a call for the options!


Check  this interview about my 9-day darkness retreat / fasting & pranic living. Watch from 3.30 minutes. Recorded January 2020.

Check  this interview about my journey talking different topics: tantra / polygamy versus monogamy / breatharianism or pranic living / fasting / plantmedicine. Recorded November 2019.

Check  this interview about menstrual complaints and the role of nutrition and body orientated therapy

My favourite colleague

I have always been looking for a bodyworker who touches my body exactly like I would touch it if I could give myself the deepest treatment ever.

This bodyworker exists! It is my dear friend Jeroen Cops. After his treatment I feel totally aligned and in bliss. Check out his website


Music to me is a portal to the divine. On Spotify I have created many playlists that I love to listen to.  Especially the ones called 'Ceremonial Space' and 'To my Beloved - Dida' are playlists that I like to share. Check out this link