My current path is what I call a PURIVACATION PROCESS

A slowed down lifestyle in simplicity, surrounded by the beauty of nature, cherishing my body, refining my senses, following my joy. A permanent retreat from the craziness in our contemporary society. Accompanied by intermittent fasting & minimal eating (pranic living) to empty the internal pipelines  - and acces the spirit within.  Purifying the body from fear based attachments, clearing the cells of old emotional patterns, false thoughts and behaviours. Yoga, sports, breath work, music, sauna, dance and meditation belong to my daily joyful routine. I am following my unique, practical way to remember and unlock my original blueprint of being a divine and sovereign human being. Transcending addictions, practicing self love and altering the frequency have my main point of focus.  I love to share what I found for myself, mirror you and help you to find your own answers and bliss.

As an Energetic Integration Therapist I graduated in 2006 in Body Oriented Psychotherapy. Attended a natural approach on healing trauma in the body on a cellular level (Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing). Working as a body orientated coach and (sexual) bodyworker nowadays. In the last 15 years I integrated various methods, including Reichian body- and -breathwork, Sexual Grounding, Bio-Energetics, Mindfulness and Meditation, (kundalini) Yoga, detoxification, Deep Tissue Massage, Voice Dialogue, Inner Child Work, Tantra and the unfolding journey in  Human Design and Gene Keys. I am mother of three wonderful children who are my greatest teachers.

I walk with you in a safe and playful setting

Inventive, lighthearted and with clear confrontation

to help you free your authentic being & joy of life