Within my own search for freedom & truth I found that accessing my body at a deeper level is an amazing effective key to surrender to my natural state of being.


As Energetic Integration Therapist I graduated in 2006 in Body Oriented Psychotherapy. Attended the first year of Peter Levine's 'Somatic Experiencing': a natural approach on healing trauma in the body on a cellular level. Working as a body orientated coach and bodyworker nowadays. In the last 15 years I integrated different methods in my work, including Reichian body- and -breathwork, Sexual Grounding, Bio-Energetics, Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga, different massagetechniques, Voice Dialogue, Inner Child Work and Tantra.

My current path is what I call a PURIVACATION PROCESS. A lifestyle in simplicity, surrounded by nature with longer periods of fasting & detoxing as ways to healing the body, the mind and the emotions. Practicing Self Love and living in gratitude have my main point of focus.

  • TV interview with Lauren Verster (Lauren en de liefde) about Tantra 2015