One of my main sources of inspiration is the Tantric life philosophy. I was intensely involved during a period of 6 years in The New Tantra, an international tantraschool

Individual tantric sessions and couple sessions:
To get acqainted with Tantra, activate your tantric life energy, or take the next step on the path, please send me an email with your questions and requests. I will contact you for the possibilities.   

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The New Tantra Massage 

For an extended description for this session - send me an email!

TV links:

  • Interview with Birgit Schuurman, Anke and Frank sharing how Tantra touched their lives, 2012

  • TV episode about Tantra - interview with  Anke and Lauren Verster ('Lauren en de liefde', 2015) - check from 12.30 minutes

  • Short Interview with Alex Vartman, founder and teacher of The New Tantra, 2012

  • 1 hour long interview with Alex Vartman, 2016