'The session yesterday was an extraordinary experience. It feels deep, deeper than I ever travelled before. Almost unreal when I try to memorize it. My body really has to process & digest this'


'I hope that you know how blessed I feel with your help and that I met you on my path, but I want to emphasize it. Since the session this morning I feel beter than I felt in years. I am aware that this didn't solve my problems at once, but I am so grateful for this one day! Now I remember how it is to feel happy!'


Hey Anke, pfew, you inspired us tremendously in that session, we gained a lot of strength from that. I have the feeling that through you appear a lot of wise beings, disguised in a cool coach. You gave us really a gift with this session, this is fantastic, I am so grateful!'


'I want to thank you voor everything that I have learned from you in the last months. I had great eye-openers regarding experiencing all my feelings and how to handle these. I am taking big steps right now and that feels good'


I want to say to you that I still feel really good in my body after the last session. More relaxed and light. And I got so many insights, I feel that I relate differently to everyday life now.'


'Thanks for the pleasant sessions on a special wavelength'


After a 4 day mini purification retreat:

' I have spent amazing days with you and came home fully charged with lots of inspiration to follow up on this newly discovered path. It was exactly what I needed because I had so many questions about how to proceed. With your sessions I received my answers and I was able to make a complete Reset! What I like about your guidance is, you give exactly what someone needs, and you are open for everything. You provide a real tailor made program! I enjoyed your space, the sauna, the juices and the lake tremendously. I advice everyone who wants to make a leap on their spiritual path or who feels stuck to get sessions with you. I think a retreat is most effective, its a real present to give yourself! Thank you for letting me experience all of this.'