Inviting & living life fully opens the door to more joy and surrender

The willingness to question and to let go of your mental beliefs and conditionings creates space

Space to open your heart  and live your life at a deeper level, in intimacy with yourself and  to the max! 

Within my own search for freedom & truth I found that accessing my body at a deeper level is an amazing effective key to surrender to my natural state of being. When we open the energy channels in our bodies, life energy will move through freely and we feel vivid, vital and light in our body and mind.Our higher spirit will be able to speak and live through our vessel - it is just a matter of getting out of the way with our mind chatter and smaller self. Key is building a love relationship with yourself -this is essential to feel more connected to the world around you!

The so-called outside world is merely a mirror of your inside world

When you get to see this, your worldview changes. This is were the magic comes in

Shine like the whole Universe is Yours